How do I register for a sport at Ridge HS?

Every student that wants to participate in a sport at Ridge HS must complete the three step registration process. Please see the Athletic Registration Page for information and instructions.


What forms do I need to submit and where do I find them?

Please see our Athletic Registration Page for information on what you need to submit to register and get medically cleared for sports participation.  Online registration is preferred. If you prefer to hand in hard copies, forms can be found and downloaded from our FORMS Page. Only original copies will be accepted. We do not accept photocopies, scans or faxed copies of athletic physical forms.


Where do I submit forms?

All hard copies of forms should be submitted to the Ridge High School Athletic Office.


Do I need to have vision exam results documented?

The State of N.J mandates that every student have their vision examined and acuity results documented on the New Physical Packet. Some eye-examiner must document the vision numbers for each eye on the form or they may record results on some other official stationery from their office and it can be attached to the form. We also offer a Vision Exam Results Form that can be used if needed. Just like the physical examination, the vision exam must be done within 365 days of the first practice/tryout.


What are the deadlines for registering/physical form submission?

Student athletes must register and submit all forms 4 weeks prior to the first practice/tryout date. Physical forms must be reviewed by a nurse and then by the school physician. There are no guarantees that we will be able to obtain medical clearance for an athlete that submits forms after the 4 week deadline.


Can I fax or scan physical exam results to school?

Athletic physical forms cannot be faxed or scanned. However, we will accept faxes of all other forms.  RHS Athletic Office Fax: (908) 204-1356.



Where can I find the schedules for sports?

Skyland Conference schedules can be found here:  www.skylandconferencenj.org


What do I do if my child is not due for an annual physical in time to meet the deadline?

Unfortunately, this happens to a few students due to birthdates and/or insurance restrictions. Your options are to ask your insurance company for a waiver so the exam is covered with your private physician or you can pay for a physical.  Ridge High School offers in-house physicals prior to each sport season for your convenience.  There is a fee paid directly to the physician. Please see the In-House Physical Page for information.  Another option would be to visit a local urgent care facility to have an examination and forms completed. The State of N.J. mandates that student athletes have a physical and receive medical clearance from a school physician prior to participation.


When do I need to do cognitive testing?

Cognitive Testing must be done in freshman and junior years and/or before the first time you register for a sport in high school. It must be done at home, in a quiet environment. Please see the Cognitive Testing Page for information. Participants in Unified Sports do not need to do cognitive testing.


What is UNIFIED Sports and how can I learn more?

Unified Sports® joins people with and without disabilities on the same team. Dedicated to promoting social inclusion through shared sports training and competition experiences, it was inspired by a simple principle: training together and playing together is a quick path to friendship and understanding. Please see the Unified Sports Page for more information.


Where can I learn more about applying for OPTION II?

OPTION II is administered by the Ridge High School Counseling Department. Please see their webpage for information. http://bernardsboe.ss5.sharpschool.com/departments/counseling_department/ridge_high_school_counseling/option_i_i


Where can I learn when team tryouts start or if there is a team meeting?

Please contact the Head Coach for the sport to learn when the team will hold tryouts or its first practice or a team meeting for interested participants. See the Coaches Directory Page.


How do I register online for a sport?

Log into your Genesis account.  Click on "Forms".  Scroll down to the tab for the sport season you are registering for and click on the tab.  Complete the registration and submit.  Please note after completing the registration you will be able to upload your medical paperwork.


What do I need to do if my child sustains an athletic injury?

Any student athlete that sustains an athletic injury should contact an Athletic Trainer to make them aware of the injury. If an athlete sees a medical professional (physician/physical therapist) they should provide documentation (physician note) to an Athletic Trainer stating what the injury is, what restrictions the athlete has and when medically cleared, a physician note stating that the athlete may return to play.



What do I need to do if my child sustains a concussion?

Any athlete that sustains a head injury and/or experiences signs/symptoms of a concussion, will be referred out to a physician. The athlete will be provided with documentation to take to the visit.  If/When your child is diagnosed with a concussion, please provide a doctor’s note to the Athletic Trainers.

Athletes diagnosed with a concussion must complete a Return to Play Protocol.

Return to Play Protocol: Your child MUST be symptom free for 7 days.  During this time, a post Impact test needs to be done with the Athletic Trainers. Once he/she has completed the 7 days of being symptom free, they will need to do a 5 day exertional protocol with Athletics Trainers.  

Athletes can only return to practice and games once the entire protocol is completed and a clearance note from your physician is provided to the Athletic Trainers.  The school doctor will also sign off on final clearance to return to competition.   Please see Athletic Policies Page.

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